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What are your hours?
Our hours are 10 AM-7 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM-5 PM on Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.

Where are you located?
400 Snow Hill Rd, Salisbury, MD 21804

Are you hiring?
Not at the moment but we are constantly on the look out for talent and passion to join the team. Please email your resume to be considered.

Do you accept credit cards?

No we can not accept credit cards, only cash. We do have an ATM available on premise if you should need it.

FAQ for Patients

How much does it cost to see a physician?
Between $150-200

Do I qualify?
Any Maryland resident whose certified provider recommends medical cannabis as an alternative treatment option for a qualifying medical condition is eligible to register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) as a patient. Visit the Patient Information page to learn more.

Can I register if I am out of state?
Any non-Maryland resident currently in Maryland for the purpose of receiving medical treatment is NOT eligible to register as patient with the MMCC.

How much medicine can I have per month?
Patients can carry up to 120 grams (about four ounces) unless their physician determines an increase may be beneficial to the patient. In extract forms, patients are allowed to obtain and carry up to 36 grams of active THC (concentrates) per month.

How much do I take?
“Start low, go slow” is usually the best answer to this question. Everyone’s body responds to cannabis differently and this is something you will have to experiment with and find your level ground. The best thing you can do is start a low dose and work your way up if needed. The effects of cannabis vary greatly depending on dosage so to understand its full spectrum of effects on your body and mind, “start low, go slow.”

This product didn’t work for me. Does cannabis not work for me?
You may need to take a higher dose or move on to another product type or strain. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cannabis. Also, what doesn’t work today doesn’t mean it may not work tomorrow. Try again and if it really isn’t working adjust accordingly. Cannabis comes in many forms and experimentation is often needed to find the right relief.

Can someone else pick up my medicine?
The only way someone can pick up and be in possession of your medicine is if they are a registered caregiver, attached to your patient ID.

Does PAH accept insurance?
No, unfortunately cannabis is still a schedule 1 substance and insurance companies have chosen not to cover any services related to cannabis.

What happens if I hit my limit?
If a patient reaches their maximum allotment of medicine, they will have to wait to make a purchase when more of their allotment becomes available.

Can I only use one dispensary?
No, as a registered Maryland patient you can use any dispensary in the state.


What is a caregiver? How do I become a caregiver?
A caregiver is a person responsible for obtaining and delivering a patient’s medicine. You can become a caregiver by registering with the state of Maryland. Visit the Caregiver page to learn more.

Am I able to see what the patient I am a caregiver for purchased on their previous visits?
Yes, you can.