What to Expect at a Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Most of our qualifying patients have never been to a cannabis dispensary, which means that most are unsure of what to expect. The experience differs for everyone. Some feel excited, others feel nervous, but everyone feels hopeful.

At Peninsula Alternative Health in Salisbury, Maryland, we strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for every single one of our patients. Here’s the breakdown from our clinical director:

Understand that the experience is different for everyone. To start, the experience feels similar to entering a professional medical office. All patients entering the medical cannabis dispensary first need to be registered as a patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC).

Upon registering, a unique patient identification (ID) number is assigned. Once successfully registered, a registered physician can enter a recommendation into the State’s database. Please note that no paper recommendations will be accepted at dispensaries.

Know when you’re legally allowed to purchase. Upon providing government-issued identification and meeting with a Patient Consultant, patients may then purchase medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary in Maryland.

Talk about your preferences. While some come in with a predetermined preference, others want to discuss their options in terms of administration and strain. During the initial consultation, patients meet with a Patient Consultant to establish a relationship and review the State’s regulations.

All Patient Consultants at Peninsula Alternative Health have undergone extensive training in the history, biology, and medical science of cannabis and are equipped to provide any recommendations.

Educate yourself. It’s essential to come to the medical cannabis dispensary prepared and educated! We’ll need a medication list printed out from the pharmacy in order to screen for important drug interactions. We’ll also discuss medical history and treatment goals.

Patients and their families should understand that because cannabis therapy is very personalized medicine, it involves trial and error to find the individual sweet spot in regards to dosage and strain.

Keep progress reports for your doctor and the medical marijuana dispensary. It’s imperative that qualifying patients keep track of their progress through a written journal or an app, such as Releaf®. Success of cannabis therapy largely depends upon open communication and recordkeeping of relief on behalf of the user.

Medical cannabis has proven to be life-changing for many patients, both children and adults, with qualifying conditions. Peninsula Alternative Health is at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement, and our Maryland dispensary realizes the tremendous obligation to bring this to our community in a respectful, professional manner that’s responsible and comfortable for all levels of exposure to this alternative treatment.

We’re confident that medical marijuana can be incorporated into regular treatment regimens to provide the best possible outcome for the patient -- because our primary goal is to be part of the team that does so.