Our History


Peninsula Alternative Health (PAH) was among the first dispensaries in Maryland to receive a license from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Today we are the largest Medical Cannabis dispensary on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We are also the dispensary offering the most diversity of product in the entire state.

PAH was formed in 2015 by four friends and business associates who saw the tremendous benefits of Medical Cannabis: Anthony Darby, CEO; Chuck Henn, COO; Mary Pat Hoffman, PharmD and Clinical Director; and Daniel Korpon, Chief Technology Officer. The four planned PAH’s entry into the field for two years, first becoming pre-approved in late 2016, and then undergoing a more extensive process that included criminal background investigations, completion of regulatory requirements, securing local zoning approvals, and facility construction, all leading to out opening in September 2017.

Employee Training

Peninsula Alternative Health takes training seriously. Our employees are kept up-to-date with the latest information and education surrounding cannabis. Our clinical director, Mary Pat Hoffman, PharmD, has extensive knowledge of the cannabis plant and its medicinal benefits. She ensures that all staff members are well prepared to respond to each patient individually.